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Passthrough Codes for OldReader links?

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Oct 1 15 9:10 AM

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I am trying to facilitate an RSS feed collection of journal alerts through The Old Reader for employees at my organization.  When the users click on the Old Reader hyperlinks, they currently have to log on in order to see the feed, a process that will frustrate these particular users no end.  Does Old Reader have any passthrough codes that would automatically log the user in when they click on the hyperlink?  We do not currently have a premium subscription, but are planning to upgrade if we can get these links to work. Would a premium subscription allow for a passthrough code? Thank you in advance!
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Oct 1 15 10:32 AM


Due to security reasons, we don't have any sort of pass-through token you can send in the address. However, The Old Reader remembers login information, so you should only have to login once and then the browser should remember who you are.

Another option, is using shared items. One person log in and share items. The shared items feed is public, and users can access that without logging in.

Let us know if you have any further questions about either of those options.

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