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Jul 2 15 2:25 AM

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Is there a way to increase a timeout after which adding the new feed fails?
Here's the feed I'd like to describe to:
It's very slow, but it works.
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Jul 2 15 6:36 AM


I keep getting a Gateway Timeout response from the server, which means the timeout on this website's server isn't configured to handle how long this RSS feed takes to load.

The amount of time it takes to load this feed is pretty ridiculous. If the change was going from 30 to 40 seconds, I'd consider it. But this page takes over 1 minute (maybe 2?) to load (or gateway timeout in some cases). I'd hate to have a bunch of feeds queued up stuck behind a minute(s) long request that may or may not succeed.

If the author of this feed is fine with the fact that it takes so long to load and isn't willing to fix it, you can try proxying the feed with Feedburner, and see if they handle such a long request.

The Old Reader Team

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