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May 20 15 7:56 PM

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All of a sudden, I cannot see the whole list of my subscriptions in the left column. Where did it go? I can't seem to resize the column, but can scroll down to see the folders and subscriptions, but it is very difficult to see as I can only see three lines in the available window. I have tried to paste a screen shot, but it is not successful. I am using Chrome and TOR has worked excellently for me until just recently. Thank you

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May 21 15 4:14 AM


We recently launched an advertisements area in the lower left-hand portion of the page. If you have AdBlock installed, it is probably hiding the advertisement and just showing white space. This is likely why the area is smaller now. However, you should still see a great deal of the feed list area on the left, unless your browser window is unusually small in height.

The Old Reader Team

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