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Mar 16 15 3:17 AM

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Since I'm no longer satisfied with the service the Old Reader provides, I've decided to cancel my account. However, the link provided on the "settings" page ( only leads to a "page not found" when used ( Is this a bug of some sort, or is the account deletion info provided out of date?
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Mar 16 15 4:53 AM


The "cancel your account" link should work, as it is working for me right now. If you refresh the page, does it change the behavior? Do you see the confirmation popup when you click the link?

The Old Reader Team

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Mar 16 15 4:58 AM

Thank you, it works now. It was the confirmation popup that never showed up for me. I disabled my popup blocker, and that did the trick. It's odd though, because I've whitelisted TOR in the past.

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