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Angle brackets sometimes ignored.

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Feb 22 15 2:41 AM

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I'm reading this article and all the generics from the code examples are not shown. I mean 'javaClass< MyTreeNodeType >' (with no spaces) is shown as just 'javaClass'. This makes the text completely unreadable.
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#1 [url]

Feb 22 15 4:09 AM

The problem is with this is that the author is publishing invalid HTML. They're using unescaped code examples inside a '

' tag. All greater than or less than characters used inside a '
' tag must be escaped. It works on the site because they're using some javascript WordPress plugin that takes the invalid HTML inside the '
' tag and makes it valid and nicely formatted. Obviously, this Javascript component won't come through in the RSS feed.

For the author's code to show in the RSS feed, they should change the code to escape the HTML tags. I'm betting the plugin will work all the same.

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