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Add a tab when adding a story to Pocket

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Feb 1 15 12:23 AM

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When a post is added to Pocket it would be great if some tag is also added to Pocket. Anything like theoldreader would be sufficient.

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#2 [url]

Feb 2 15 1:32 AM

theoldreader wrote:

An option that you have is to use Pocket from the Send To menu instead. This way you can tag the item on Pocket after you click the "Send To" menu item.

To setup Pocket in your Send To menu:
- Go to settings
- Click the "Social Tab"
- Under sharing services enter "{url}&title=%{title}" as the Service URL

The Old Reader Team

Thanks. One of the nice things about Pocket Integrations is that all I have to do is to click Star. In th above solution one click to open Send To, one click to Pocket, navigate to new page, add tag, save and close.

Is there a way to add tags automatically to that Service URL?

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