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Login Failure - gReaderPro - Android

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Jan 28 15 6:38 AM

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Just recently I can not login through my android phone using gReader Pro.  No problems logging in with Chrome using my Old Reader username and password. 

Anything I should check or do?
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Jan 28 15 12:59 PM

From the google play store, I can only see version 3.8.3 of gReader Pro.  Where can i get 4.0.4?  Or is my Android Version (2.3.7) not supported by gReader anymore?

PS.  the problem started when I began receiving an http 404 error when updating.  I logged out, and then could not log back in again.  Did old reader switch to https address recently and the older version of gReader may have a hardcoded http address instead?

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Jan 28 15 3:01 PM

Yes, I think the older versions of gReader aren't setup to handle https. The most recent version is, however it seems that it is not compatible for your device.

Another option is News+, by the same author, and it has nearly the same interface. I had another user on an older version of Android who was able to login using News+ fine.

To use, you'll need to download News+ as well as The Old Reader Extension for News+.
News+ -
The Old Reader Extension for News+ -

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