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Dec 30 14 8:13 AM

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am i only with this problem?
open in chrome at ipad (air)
click at any (subscribed) rss feed (left panel)
in right panel appear items for this feed - for a second, then they disappear, to see them again i must press refresh button
problem is not new (it exists since i have ipad = about 2 months)
(i'm using show unread items only and list view)
btw. when i have tablet "landscape" oriented than red "upgrade to premium"/find friends etc. is drawn over (at) right panel top = over "move to folder" button (but at windows/chrome it is over (top) it - right to search), in "portrait" mode it is under button with three horizontal lines right to the old reader logo and search is not present

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Jan 1 15 12:18 AM

Especially crazy is when I'm reading any item and comes feed update (new items)
All items disappear (From the screen) and I must press refresh button (I'm still speaking about button in web page of theoldreader)
So having displayed just unread items actual item disappears (because is (automatically) read 

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Jan 1 15 8:59 AM

(Because in All items is missing refresh button) i found that
Rotate tablet (switch portrait landscape) makes the same - shows items
(Rotate back keeps them visible)

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