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Dec 19 14 7:35 AM

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Starting two days ago, The Old Reader is not working properly on my work laptop (though it continues working fine at home).  I'm using Version 39.0.2171.95 m, on a Toshiba laptop with Windows 7.  I don't believe anything changed between the time it was working and it stopped working. I'm using TOR "straight", with no extension installed in Chrome.   At home, also on a Windows 7 machine, it all works fine.  It works tolerably using IE 10, but not well enough that I want to keep using it. 

Specifically, when I connect to TOR in Chrome, the menu on the left does not contain a Subscriptions listing, where all my blogs would be.  It has Home, All items, Starred, Liked, Shared, Bookmarked, and Trending.  In the middle of the screen, it does correctly show the number of unread posts, as well as the titles of a few recent posts, and the "News from the Old Reader" below that.  On the right, it shows the "Recently Updated" feeds.  Clicking on the titles of new posts, or on the name of recently updated feeds takes me to the posts/feeds.  Clicking on All Items takes me to where I can read all items.  However, none of the posts I read are marked as read.

Clicking on the Add a Subscription button does not do anything.  Clicking on my username in the upper right corner does not do anything, either. Other links work properly.  

Edited to add:  If I open an Incognito Window, it seems to work just fine - so maybe it's another extension that's acting up. 

Does anyone have any ideas?

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