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Losing Session on Android Devices?

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Nov 20 14 3:18 AM

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Using Chrome, I regularly get the pink "Cannot contact server..." messages when the session is lost, so I go to the login page, which is awkward to navigate when an Android device is in "Letterbox/ Landscape" orientation because the keyboard covers the "Password" Input, and you can't scroll up or down the page because the username and password is in a dialog box.

On entering the username and password, I sometimes end up with a JS empty object "{}" in my browser instead of being taken back to the feeds.

Please can someone tell me why this is happening - thanks. I haven't looked how long the cookies to maintain your login are held for, but I get the impression that under some circumstances they are lost or dropped.
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Jan 22 15 8:19 AM

me too

I have this exact same issue, the loss of session and pink bar. I haven't quite figured out a reproduction case. It doesn't seem to be a timeout issue because I've had sessions die pretty quickly.

I am using google to authenticate so I never get the JSON {}.

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Jan 22 15 8:22 AM


I've had this happen across two different android phones (motox 2014) chrome beta channel. the cookies dont transfer across devices (and I had to log into theoldreader on the new device). so I doubt it is an old cookie hanging out and fucking things up.

I really wish I had a solid reproduction case for you. I'll keep paying attention.

It feels like the issue started about 1 to 2 months ago.

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Jan 24 15 8:03 AM


Also what is strange is that it will do the initial page load (I think with out of date or cached feed entries) and I can keep hitting all items and it won't notice the log out until I hit an article. then it will show the pink authentication box. and the next time I hit all items it will run me through the authentication flow.

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Feb 1 15 7:26 AM


I did clear both by virtue of the fact that I got an entirely new phone and cookies and cache don't move across (I checked). I've had the problem on both phones.

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Feb 1 15 8:43 AM

Very odd. After logging in, can you please let me know the expiration date of the "signed_at" cookie for domain?

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