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Craigslist rss feeds not showing in old reader

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Sep 13 15 4:26 AM


After further investigation, it appears that Craigslist RSS was unavailable to our servers from approximately 5:45PM on September 11th until 4AM today, September 13th (Central US Time).

Feeds do appear to be successfully fetching now.

Please let me know if you continue to see any issues.

The Old Reader Team

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Sep 13 15 7:22 AM

Yeah, still haveing the issue here as of 11:00AM eastern, When I woke up this morning I had lots of new Craigslist items showing. I cleared them out and got nothing new for about two hours.  I then clicked refresh on one of the individual feeds and got several new items to show.  So something is still keeping my new feed items from showing still.


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#25 [url]

Sep 15 15 3:43 AM


We tried working around the Craigslist block, but they quickly shut that down. Additionally, they've blocked more of our servers, specifically the ones that allowed you to manually refresh your feeds.

We will keep you updated.

The Old Reader Team

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#28 [url]

Sep 15 15 5:15 PM

The bottom line is that if you publish an RSS feed, you must have some understanding that it is going to be consumed by an RSS reader. Yes, The Old Reader is a business, but how else does Craigslist expect their RSS to be consumed?

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Sep 15 15 7:20 PM

I'm having the same problem with an rss reader running on my own server. I monitor several hundred feeds, as I am looking for a specific collectible vehicle that is pretty tough to find.

A workaround is to create a google alert on a web search, such as: "cool stuff"

Then, have the google alert send as-it-happens results to an rss feed, and monitor that feed.

It's not an exact replacement to the craigslist rss feeds, but can get you at least most of the way there.

Also, my feeds are all generated by Search Tempest. Their tech support says the feader or craigslist are to blame. I pick craigslist.

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#30 [url]

Sep 16 15 5:53 AM

Any luck on fixing this or is there an alternative solution?

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#31 [url]

Sep 16 15 6:54 AM

This is just my speculation... the recent addition of ads on theoldreader may be something the powers at craigslist see as 'commercial use' of their feeds.

If so, that may be why they are blocking theoldreader's servers.

I use theoldreader exclusively for watching craigslist for several different things, and really want this to work. Hopefully, this is not the problem and things will be to normal soon.

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#32 [url]

Sep 16 15 9:54 AM

zee007 - This issue has still not been fixed. Craigslist is still blocking our access to their site.

One decent alternative was posted by Thejrmart.

A workaround is to create a google alert on a web search, such as: "cool stuff" 
Then, have the google alert send as-it-happens results to an rss feed, and monitor that feed.

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#33 [url]

Sep 16 15 11:04 AM

It appears as if Craigslist has lifted the block on our IP addresses and we're currently able to fetch successfully.

Hopefully this is a permanent change on their end. We'll continue to monitor.

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#35 [url]

Sep 17 15 1:22 AM

I wouldn't say mine are back yet...but.. I am starting to get some...but the numbers are way down as compared from before... I will wait a few days...

And by the way old reader thanks for help!! I will be keeping my subscription!!


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#36 [url]

Sep 17 15 3:42 AM

We've been blocked again. At this point, I'm assuming what's happening is that they've made no changes at Craigslist, and their automated systems put is in timeout for X number of days (5?). We were let out yesterday but now we've been blocked again because we hit some limit that they have defined.

We'll keep working to get them to respond to us.

The Old Reader Team

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#38 [url]

Sep 19 15 5:16 PM

Issue is Affecting Many Tools

Nice thread. I joined simply to chime in.

I dont use The Old Reader, I use a WordPress RSS aggregating plugin. As of September 16 or so, items have stopped fetching. They started working again for a few hours yesterday, only go be blocked once again.

Here's the thing, though:
If you use an RSS validator merely to check an RSS feed, they can't even read them either. Search Google for "validate rss feed" and try a few Craigslist feeds; you'll get error messages.

Furthermore, if you use an RSS generator (those tools that "create" an RSS feed out of any page), they dont work either.

However, the above work fine during those few hours that my plugin can fetch RSS feeds.

So, the Craigslist issue seems to be very wide, not just limited to one or two readers.

I hope this info has helped. I feel helpless and cant wait for this issue to go away, assuming that it will.

Last Edited By: DNemesis Sep 19 15 5:19 PM. Edited 1 time.

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#39 [url]

Sep 21 15 4:20 AM

Still no response from Craigslist. We're going to try a couple things today and see if that helps at all. We'll also try emailing the folks at Craigslist again to see if they might be able to give us more info.

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#40 [url]

Sep 25 15 6:19 AM

I've come to notice they're pretty awful when it comes to communication.
Shame, really.

Perhaps contacting Craig via Twitter might (at least) trigger a better response. If nothing else, it would make him aware of the lack of responses from his team.

Last Edited By: DNemesis Sep 25 15 6:22 AM. Edited 1 time.

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