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Apr 25 13 11:50 AM

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I am subscribed to a single feed. The Older Reader is showing me duplicate posts for various feeds. I double checked that it's not actually in the feed by navigating to their RSS feed. Single posts. Any help would be appreciated.
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Apr 27 13 2:02 PM

[email protected]

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May 17 13 1:47 AM

Me too!

I have exactly the same problem! I tried removing one feed (engadget) to see if it was due to the importing but nope... I'm still getting duppliicate poosts =/ Also on several feeds but not all of them.

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May 17 13 5:48 AM

darknessangel, from our experience duplicate posts are usually caused by RSS feed owners changing their items after they are published. If RSS feed contains no guid for each item, The Old Reader cannot track changes and duplicate items appear in your feed.

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May 17 13 7:53 AM

Google Reader never had a problem with this and I'm using literally the same feed URLs. Plus, I never had anyone follow up with me on this issue after giving you guys my email address. Disappointing.

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May 17 13 8:45 AM

Same problem here, with that same feed. It also happens with the Engadget feed located here:

I have even logged in at times to see 3 or 4 duplications of the same post. And no, this is not common - no other reader I have tried has done this. If it continues, this will be added to my list of unrecommended ones.

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May 17 13 2:32 PM

waitreally, we are sorry that we have not followed up. The Old Reader is used by hundreds of thousands of people, but there are only two of us working on it in our spare time; naturally, some things might slip through. Comparing The Old Reader to Google Reader is not really fair for this same reason - Google is a multibillion dollar corporation with thousands of top-notch engineers and millions of servers - obviously they were able to build a better product than two random guys with separate day jobs of their own. And, as you know, even though Google did not have to spend time on actually talking to their users (as we strive to do), they found the whole Reader project not worth the effort and decided to close it.

Back to the point, we found an issue earlier today that might have caused posts from several feeds to duplicate. We have pushed some adjustments that should prevent duplicates from appearing *in most cases*, and we will be properly fixing the problem during next weeks.

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Jun 20 13 2:53 PM

q4a, it looks like those posts got changed and were fetched twice as two different posts. For example, two posts titled "Terry Adams in Monterrey by Circulo Nueve" have different URLs - one is, while another is The second one contains no URL. As technically those are two separate items, they got fetched and are displayed to you separately.

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