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[BUG] Glitch when using "Show only those folders/feeds that have unread items"

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Apr 23 13 9:04 AM

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FF 20.0.1: When opening a folder and clicking on an individual feed, the folder closes as soon as I click on an item. The arrow indicates the folder is still open, so I must click on the folder twice to open it again.  I noticed this is a change from a few days ago, when the folder would close once there were no items in a particular feed. Still annoying, but not enough to make me turn off the feature, as I have now had to do.

The preferred behavior would be for the folder to stay open, and once there are no items in a particular feed, the feed disappears from the list, but the folder still stays open until closed intentionally.

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Apr 23 13 11:38 AM

Not sure about 20.0.1, but we tried the latest stable Firefox (20.0) and could not reproduce this behavior. Clicking on an individual feed and subsequent clicks on items have no effect on folders.

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Apr 23 13 2:48 PM

That's...interesting. I'm no developer, I just install what's pushed out. Maybe it's an OS thing--I'm on Win7.

In any case, just for fun, I restarted. Again. It's now behaving as expected. Sorry, it's not you, it's me, but we can still be friends.

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Apr 23 13 6:18 PM

...and then it started doing it again.


*turns off feature*

Crud. I really like that feature. I will keep trying it from time to time as various things update.

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May 17 13 10:41 PM

It's happening to me, too.  It might not happen for a short while after starting Firefox, but it happens eventually.  I'm using Firefox 20.0 under openSUSE 12.3.

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#8 [url]

May 31 13 4:12 AM

Testing again today. The process is exactly as frykitty described it in the first post, can't had anything to that. The folder collapse happens sometimes a few seconds (approx up to ten sec., today) after clicking on a post. In the meantime you can scroll down the post, read, move on to the next post... and then you see that the folder has collapsed in the left-hand pane.

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#10 [url]

Nov 7 13 5:49 PM

This happens to me ALL the time and it's incredibly frustrating. I'm on Firefox 25 on Win 7. Here's how to repro:
1) go to, log on if necessary.
2) make sure all your categories are COLLAPSED.
3) now go to in your browser address bar. Do not simply refresh the page, you must reload the home page.
4) So now when your page loads, all categories should show after the page load as COLLAPSED, by default, without clicking anything.
5) Now expand a category.
6) Click an rss feed in that category.
7) click an unread article.
8) The category collapses. This is unexpected behavior.

To work around the problem, simply expand one of your categories, wait a second for that to be saved, then reload the home page. When your home page loads, and your category is already expanded by default, it will stay that way when you read articles. If they are collapses when the page loads, they will re-collapse constantly when reading articles.

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