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Aug 25 13 5:15 PM

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According to The Ole Reader "Howto" guide double clicking on the feed or folder should permit renaming.  I have tried both (feed and folder) and nothing happens.  Has anybody else had this problem.  I have been able to do this in the past but not since the "big move".  Any help or confirmation would be appreciated.
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Sep 4 13 2:44 AM

Make a folder

luna wrote:
i don't know what i did but dose anyone know how to make a folder..??


luna, try the following:
1 - On the main page go to Our Stuff (right side of page)
2 - Click on Howto
3 - Scroll down to Organize Feeds (instructions for new feed folder)

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Mar 12 14 6:16 AM

Any solutions?

Did anyone find a solution to the naming subscriptions/folders problem? I'm having the same issue (using Safari 6.1.2) and can't figure it out...

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Mar 12 14 10:32 AM

I've now tried renaming feeds and folders on two different computers using two different browsers (Safari and Firefox). None are allowing renaming. I have to think this is a THE OLD READER issue and not a problem on this end. Any word from TOR on a possible solution? Thanks…

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Mar 13 14 4:27 AM

Was able to rename one feed this morning and then TOR reverted to non-functionality. Any TOR staff looking at this forum? Thanks…

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Mar 15 14 4:26 AM

It seems I'm only talking to myself here, but thought I'd share this: Tried renaming using both an iPad and iPhone -- I had limited success with the pad (renamed one item and it stopped working) and a bit more with the phone (renamed several and it stopped working). Is anyone else experiencing similar problems? Is there anyone from TOR who can reply? Thanks...

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Mar 17 14 6:09 PM


Double clicking the folder or feed name will allow you to change the name. In the past, when users have had issues, it was because they were not double clicking fast enough.

The Old Reader Team

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Apr 25 14 9:57 AM

I double-click very quickly on folder names, but the rename function is not invoked by TOR. Based on my experience, and the posts in this string, I think there is a problem with TOR when it comes to renaming folders and feeds. Any help here would be much appreciated!

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Jan 3 15 5:18 AM

Rename Feed or Folder

I suggest everyone to try KrojamSoft BatchRenameFiles program. It’s really work for me.

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