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Jul 8 13 5:50 AM

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Hi there,

When I imported my Google Reader feeds a week ago, I noticed Engadget stopped updated shortly thereafter. Over the weekend I removed the feed, and re-added it using the RSS link from their website, and it's still not updating. Can you provide any advice?
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Jul 8 13 7:38 AM

Nothing of mine is updating

None of my feeds is updating since I imported from Google Reader, even though I've examined the RSS XML data for one of them and can see that it has new items. Removing and adding a feed has no effect. Sigh. Guess I'll be using Feedly for now. Even though it sucks, at least it works.

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Jul 9 13 11:08 AM

Exact same problem. If I re-add the feed I get the current topics but once read nothing comes back up. I've waited over 24 hours for new items to show in the feed and nothing appears. Engadget updates several times a day so that KB article doesn't address this issue.

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Jul 9 13 12:45 PM

Thanks TOR but that definitely isn't the issue. Since posting my reply above (15 hours ago), engadget has posted 27 new articles.
TOR says there are 0 new.

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