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Google Takeout Import Hanging Up?

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Jun 14 13 10:50 AM

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A few HOURS ago, I began the import of my unzipped subscriptions.xml file created by Google Takeout. The only thing that has happened since then is a little green "Pac Man" opening and closing its "mouth"- no status update in words, no status bar, nothing. So is this thing even working? Do I need to kill the sleep function on my laptop? W7, IE9. 

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Jun 15 13 2:19 AM

This is pretty strange. Can you try refreshing the page and uploading the xml file again? The import process is happening in background, so as soon as your file gets uploaded nothing depends on your computer.

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Jun 15 13 7:27 AM

I actually deleted my entire account, then re-registered and restarted the import. However I still got the never ending little green "Pac Man" with no other feedback. So then I tried manually adding one feed and starting the import yet again. This time I immediately got a message saying that the import was loading in the background and no little green "Pac Man" appeared. A short while later, all my feeds and folders were finished loading. I wonder if others have come across this problem and then got frustrated and just didn't come back. Or some people have manually added feeds just to "play" then imported their GReader file so they never encountered the problem at all.

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Jun 24 13 4:12 AM

import from google reader failing

I'm having the same problem and I have tried multiple times on different computers and still I only get the pacman without it doing anything.

I just used google takeout to make a "subscriptions.xml" file that I am now trying to import.

Very frustrating, I don't want to just go and add each feed one by one...

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Jun 29 13 12:38 PM

I'm having this problem, too, although my OPML file is not from Google. I exported it from Firefox using the OPML Support plugin.

I browse for my file, click Import, see the Pac-Man for a few seconds, and then the Import page re-loads. I click on Home at the left and it says, "You have no subscriptions yet." I've tried with Firefox (version 21), Chrome (version 27), Safari (version 5), and even OmniWeb (version 5).

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Jun 29 13 7:33 PM

I have the same problem too. Every time I try uploading the subscriptions.xml, I just get a 500 internal server error. Would it help if I send you the subscriptions.xml file?

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Jul 1 13 5:39 PM

Still not working for me. I re-checked just now and it's doing the exact same thing as before:

I browse for my file, click Import, see the Pac-Man for a few seconds, and then the Import page re-loads. I click on Home at the left and it says, "You have no subscriptions yet."

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Jul 2 13 11:08 AM

ongoing issue with importing google reader

I am having the same issues with importing my google reader account. I am using firefox to import but i too see the pacman and then "something went wrong".  Can anyone tell me exactly WHAT went wrong. I followed the takeout instructions and time and again via import on theoldreader but still nothing.

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Jul 2 13 12:24 PM

Make it work

For those of you that are still being haunted by "Pac Man" I just wanted to repeat what finally worked for me.

I MANUALLY added one subscription. Just click on "Add a Subscription" at the upper left of your Old Reader screen. It can even be for a feed that you're trying to import. Doesn't matter. Just get a subscription added.

NOW try your import and it should work immediately with no sighting of our little green friend.

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#13 [url]

Jul 2 13 4:23 PM

BevQB, I tried your suggestion, but it's still not working for me. After I uploaded my OPML file, the only feed shown was the one I manually imported.

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#15 [url]

Jul 4 13 3:58 PM

No, I didn't get such an email.

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