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Craigslist rss feeds not showing in old reader

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#61 [url]

Nov 3 15 12:40 PM

I just looked at the older reader and now I have a bunch of new recent results across all of my feeds ... so maybe it takes a bit for all that to load... I will check it out. And report back... but it look promising.


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#62 [url]

Nov 3 15 1:52 PM

We space the fetching out in the background and fetch them all. If we attempted to fetch all 1000 of your feeds instantly, we would certainly be immediately blocked by Craigslist. Clicking the "refresh all craigslist feeds" will immediately refresh the feed you're currently viewing, and then schedule the rest of your Craigslist feeds to refresh.

We fetch all items that are available in the Craigslist feed at the time you refresh. I'm certain Craigslist limits the number of items they make available in their RSS to some number. So if there's been 100 posts since you last refreshed, and Craigslist only puts the latest 20 posts (for example) in their RSS feeds, then you will not get 80 posts in The Old Reader.

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#63 [url]

Nov 4 15 1:24 PM

It worked pretty good yesterday. However today.. I have refreshed 3 times.. and I am not getting results for "all" my feeds. Only the feed I refresh on. And yes I am hitting the "refresh all" button.
Did you guys get blocked already?


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#64 [url]

Nov 4 15 4:26 PM

Yes, we did get blocked again, although I did make a change this afternoon that should help with this issue. Though it will take some time for the servers to become unblocked. Hoping that we can be unblocked overnight tonight.

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#67 [url]

Nov 9 15 12:34 PM

So i cant really tell yet how the new feature is working.. Here is why.
Sometimes i hit refresh all.. and i get results right away and then for what seems like a few hours after that. Other times i hit refresh and nothing. So for example the other night i hit refresh all and get like 400 results.. then i hit refresh all about 12 hours later.. nothing.. and i know more results were there.

So how often does it fetch? And what is the time interval between fetching? Every hour? Every other hour? Does it on and off all day?

Next a possible suggestion. I have probably 1500 or more feeds. I use them all the time. However there are periods where i don't need some of them. So for example... about 1/3 of my feeds is for stuff i often need... however i know that for the next 2 months i wont need them. I will need them in the future. I don't want to delete the feeds cause i will use them in 2 months. Its kind of a pain to set the feeds up so i don't want to delete them. Most of my feed are in a folder.

Is there a way i could turn the folders with feeds in it... i am not using.. turn it off temporarily? Or could that be added? I could probably "pause" about 1/3 of my feeds right now so that old reader isn't pulling results for stuff that i don't need this second.
Also let me add... pausing each feed 1 by 1 would not be would need to be done at the folder lever.. i could "pause" 15 folders.. thus stopping un-needed fetching for probably 500 or so feeds.

Is that possible? I hope i explained that in a way you could understand. What do you think?


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#68 [url]

Nov 11 15 8:30 AM


Here's how the feature works. When you click on the "Refresh All Craigslist Feeds in Background" button, we find all of your Craigslist feeds and schedule them to be refreshed. The scheduled time is a function of how many feeds you have. This way, if you have 1500 Craigslist feeds, we won't blast Craigslist with 1500 requests all at once, which would surely result in our servers getting blocked. So, the more feeds you have, the longer it takes to fetch all of your feeds. Roughtly one feed per second, so if you have 1500 feeds, it will take just under a half hour to update your feeds.

We also restrict how often you can refresh all Craigslist feeds, so clicking that button every 5 minutes won't do anything for you.

Now, some of this functionality may have not worked at the end of last week (2nd November - 9th November) as we still had some servers blocked by Criagslist. As it stands today however (11th November), all of our fetching servers have access to Craigslist.

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#70 [url]

Nov 11 15 1:06 PM

We'll take this feature into consideration, but don't have any immediate plans to implement it at this time.

You should get the same number of results to your feeds whether you have 10 or 1000 Craigslist feeds. You just have to wait longer (10 seconds vs. 20 minutes).

You can always export your feeds to OPML and remove subscriptions and re-import at a later time. Existing feeds will be preserved, and any missing subscriptions will be added.

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#71 [url]

Nov 24 15 12:39 PM

Hi, any new updates or developments? Our feeds are coming in pretty sluggishly & miserly. Also, is their any way to automate the manual refresh? Sounds like we have to go in every 24 hours to try to keep it active.


Last Edited By: Jeff12671 Nov 24 15 4:59 PM. Edited 1 time.

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#72 [url]

Nov 25 15 6:49 AM

We still have yet to receive a response from anyone at Craigslist. At this point, the only way we have of dealing with it is the manual refresh that we've put into place. Automating the refresh would push us over the limit and cause our servers to be blocked.

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#73 [url]

Nov 27 15 10:06 AM

Well even so, doing the manual refresh that we've been trying to do every day we're gettin like a 1/10 of the results we used to get before CL starting blocks 6-8 weeks ago. Is there something we're doing wrong or it their anyway we can improve our results? Their has to be large number we're not getting & missing every day.


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#74 [url]

Nov 27 15 11:27 AM

Can you please send your Old Reader username/email to [email protected] so we can investigate further?

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#76 [url]

Nov 28 15 11:27 AM

I have the same issue as jeff... so lets say I have a search set up for a keyword... lets pick 283|327 (which is an engine sizd)... and I have that search for 22 cities... when I hit refresh all.. I will usually get results for it.. sometimes not.. if I hit the refresh in the feed... I will get some but not all the results.. I have to hit "refresh all" cause there is no way I could go through and refresh every feed... I have hundreds and hundreds of searches. .

Thanks X

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#78 [url]

Nov 28 15 3:06 PM

When you're looking to see how many have been posted today, are you looking at the search on the Craigslist site, or at the actual RSS feed you're subscribed to in The Old Reader?

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#79 [url]

Dec 1 15 1:08 AM

I look at craigslist and then check the feed... but that is not the only issue... let me try and explain...for example tonight.... I was looking at my feeds... I have several set up for the keyword "investor" and this search is set up in only 4 cities all close to each other... within a 100 miles.. so I went to one of my feeds and hit "refresh all" that should refresh all of them from my understanding... I have hundreds of I checked back an hour later to see my results... I had different results through out my feeds... when I checked my "investor" feeds.. only one of them from one city showed results... the other 3 cities showed nothing.. but then when I refreshed the other feeds one by one.. then results showed up... so refresh all doesn't appear to refresh all...

Thanks X

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#80 [url]

Dec 1 15 3:23 AM

After reviewing the logs, it appears that Craigslist is still blocking some of our servers, which is why this is occurring.

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